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Here at Book Browser LLC, we want to provide both the customer and our book store with the most beneficial trading policy possible. Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality books at reasonable prices to our customers. When going through a customer’s books for possible trade we take the time to look at the condition and age of the books and then we check them against our inventory to see what we are in need of based on our current stock.   

Some things to consider when bringing used books to Book Browser for trade:  Many non-fiction books such as computer books, textbooks, business and finance books, etc. go out of date very quickly, therefore we will not be able to consider some of these for trade purposes. We also do not deal in vhs, music CDs, books on cassette, magazines, readers digest, encyclopedias, and mass production romance books (harlequin/silhouette), so we will not be able to offer trade credit for such items.

Items that will be considered based upon condition and store need are adult fiction (mystery, romance, or other fictional novels), self help books (diet, exercise, etc), religion (christian living, e.astern religions, metaphysical, etc), business and finance, cook books, young adult, childrens, required reading, non-fiction books (history, biographies, philosophy, parenting/pregnancy, etc), hardcover fiction, audio books on CD, and much more.

Once we have selected books that meet our criteria, we will make you a trade offer for the books that we would like to get from you. Our trade offer is generally half of what we think we will get from selling the booksr.

Most books in our store will sell at or below half of the original list price. Hardcover fiction that is already out in paperback, we will only be able to offer you the paperback trade value, due to the fact that we will be selling these books at our paperback prices.   

Once a trade offer has been made, it is non-negotiable. We do our best to make a fair offer that is beneficial for all parties and we simply cannot haggle over book prices. The offer is based on what we expect to sell the books for.

Due to the fact that we are not a Rare Book dealer, we will not be able to give more than $10-$15 in trade credit for any one book (with some exceptions coming at the owner or managers discretion).  Most books will never qualify for this amount, but occasionally a book might have some value to it, and though we will also be selling online, we like to base our pricing and purchasing on store sales.

If you choose to take trade credit:

1. It will never expire.

2. It can be used on anyhing we own in our store (new, used, audio books, etc.). **Not able to be used on special orders or consigned products!

3. We will not be tracking the credit in the store, once it is issued to you on a card, we have no record of it, please hang onto the card.

4. The trade credit can be used for only half of your purchase total.

 Example 1:  If you have $10 in trade and want to use it all, you would need to spend $20 in the store.

 Example 2:  If your total purchase in the store is $42, you can use $21 of your trade credit, but the other portion of the total must be paid for in cash/charge.


**Please note this policy is just a guideline.

Please note, we do not offer CASH! Just trade in store!

Our Trade Policy